• Synchronous

    Best of the rest

    Tired of slow speeds join Bluedust and experience the difference.

    Hi Speed Data

    Bluedust offers synchronous service whereas most providers limit your upload speeds to under 1mbps, waiting for that large email to be sent will no longer be a problem as we offer upload speeds of upto 4mbps.

  • Port and Save

    Switch to Bluedust

    Port your existing fixed line number and save.

    There's a lot to love about us

    Switch to Bluedust

    Did you know that you can port your fixed line telephone number and enjoy our low monthly line rental of R95 as well as per second billing ?

    Switch now

    Switch to Bluedust and we will waive the R150 porting fee.

  • Cheap Talk

    Cheap Talk

    Per second billing from the first second.

    Cheap Call Rates

    Cheap Call Rates

    Our call rates to all networks are based on per second billing from the first second, with competitive rates to all local networks as well as all international locations.

    Call Rates.

    Call rates as low as 86c per minute to MTN, 24c to Local Telkom numbers and 42c to Telkom national numbers.